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Zhuzhou Yun Jia Food limited liability company profile


Zhuzhou Yunjia Food limited liability company in 2013 to build, was established in March 2016, registered capital of 500 thousand yuan, is located in Zhuzhou City East Gate Baiguan International Industrial Park, is specialized in traditional food production and marketing enterprises, has a "POPOJIA" brand.

       First, the reality and concerns

With the rapid development of China's economy and society, scarcity of memory lopsided, more people to satisfy their appetites at the same time, the lack of basic respect for the food! A grain of rice, a drop of oil treasure, evolved into a good family tradition. But the food of prosperity, yet hide not the food safety problem heavy food safety incidents emerge in an endless stream,, let people into confusion and uncertainty.

The food and Drug Administration said the United States severely in recent years, food safety accidents occur from time to time nationwide in 2006: "contaminated spinach" event, 2007 "peanut butter Salmonella" incident, in 2010 500 million issue of egg sandwich bread "event, 2014 Subway incident, 2015 Lester ice cream bacteria event, 2016 frozen vegetables Lester bacteria event and so on. European countries also appeared in" horse meat adulteration "," Clenbuterol "incident," mad cow disease "incident involving food safety problems in many countries.

In China, unscrupulous businessmen in order to meet people's pursuit of food color and flavor, add detergent to Deep-Fried Dough Sticks more crisp mouth, use tonyred to do Stinky tofu Red duck's egg, stool, aging rice Rice noodles, formalin soaked squid, cadmium rice, poison ginger, drainage oil, melamine milk, milk, leather and so on. It is one of the few, but it occurred in the US, serious overdraft on food safety in the sense of trust.

Although the perpetrator is punished, the damaged body is irreversible. The desire for food safety has never been so strong!

      Two, play and adhere to

The food a superb collection of beautiful things to satisfy our taste buds, while leaving more and more uncomfortable. How to ensure the food safety of the family? Never so confused, has never been so confused, has never been so shilly-shally, contradiction and security so delicious persistent opposition.

20 years ago, we started thousands of years passed it in accordance with the practical skills of doing, insisted. Seemingly Pronto, but day and night stick: choose a good potato, resist each adulterated to increase profits temptation; purification of every drop of water production, strict implementation of each a process for.20 years, we can only insist that only years of erosion, still alive is precious. We insist that you good enough. Anxinluoyi good raw materials, pure technology, in hot steam condensation complete Fenpi sublimation, with a sense of the birth of new life, curing our character the moral, emotional, persistence, gene

It is small but never dare to slack off, although a never dare to fall. We stick to the bottom line, intentnesses focus; we meet, enjoy the food and become pleasure. Not from the self proclaimed, simply to hold, the continuation of a longer stick, for a little tender run by your skin, beauty food after thinking about food.

       Three, growth and future

2013 began planning the design and production of a new generation of bionic Fenpi machine, August 2016 in Zhuzhou in October 2016 made the production workshop manufacture, distribution license, in March 2017 through the SC certification (number: SC12343020305078). In the future, all eyes are staring, we are dedicated to insist on their own, with their own choice, just like the neighborhood kids like feet step rope is not complain of hard work. There, in your side quietly.

       Four, communication and cooperation

In the era of change rapidly, the pace of our day off in such a hurry. I can meet in a Fenpi, we will give you a taste of the same from the beginning, the simple pursuit of infinite close you taste the taste of home. Never, never extravagant nostalgia, away from the greed of the mind.

We do not have to empty the clank oath that always abide by the traditional process, the use of modern scientific management system, to ensure production process, in strict accordance with the GB 2713-2015 to control the quality of automatic vermicelli bionic national exclusive production machine, production workshop with medical grade standard sterilization, import reverse osmosis water purifier purification, automatic sealing paste the slurry, molding, process, without human intervention.

We warmly welcome you to visit, look forward to working with you to contribute to the maintenance and development of traditional food


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